Pro Bono Treatment

Greetings. I recognize that my services are quite expensive. Some people would be unable to afford treatment with me at full cost but would still benefit from care. For that reason, a certain percentage of clients at any given time pay a sliding scale rather than full fee. This is usually only a small discount but can be up to a 90% discount, particularly for people with few financial resources. If you believe you might require this service, feel free to discuss your situation with me. Note that these spots are in high demand.

I also enjoy providing a few pro-bono Intensives each year. These are designed for someone with very few resources who would benefit from a one-time treatment of 10-20 hours of therapy in a single week, particularly for conditions such as phobias, social anxiety, depression, compulsions, panic attacks, PTSD, and general anxiety. These are best scheduled in advance, at least one spot will be available every September, and every March and are completely free. I also usually offer at least one 20-hour pro-bono treatment at sporadic times throughout the year.


In 2017, I am excited to announce that I will be offering at least two 20-hour Courses for free, one in June for Teenagers with Anxiety and one in August for Teens with Depression. For more information, go to the left-hand section of this website and click on the link to BISCs or just click here


I have an unusual offer/opportunity for any people with a fear of flying who are motivated to overcome it. By far the most effective treatment for phobias is exposure treatment. I will be flying to Los Angeles and back on Friday December 16 with at least one client and anyone else is welcome to join us. We will use the time before the flight takes off to cover some basics of anxiety and some strategies for changing your relationship with anxiety, but by far the most valuable part will be the actual flying exposure. You would have to purchase your own ticket ($284 roundtrip at the time of this writing) but my time will be free. We will be meeting at SFO at the gate around 9AM, then getting on Southwest Flight 2757 departing at 10:35AM. We'll have lunch in the airport, then turn around and come back on the Southwest flight 2171 departing at 1:40PM and arriving back at SFO at 3PM. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to take part in this exposure not consume any alcohol, marijuana, benzodiazepines or other substances before or during the experience.

The backstory to this is that Jill Levitt is seeing a wonderful client for a sliding scale who really wants to get over their fear of flying. Jill asked if I would see this client for free since they have very few resources and I thought it sounded like fun and a good cause. I also told this client that a lot of other people have similar fears and that it's often cost prohibitive for people to not only purchase their own and their therapist's airline ticket but also pay for the therapist's time. I asked the client how they would feel about us allowing others to travel with us and benefit from the experience and they were generous and enthusiastic about allowing others to benefit from this too. I think it will be a fun day and I welcome supporting any patients that would like to conquer their fear of flying! Thanks. :)


Greetings. As part of my bro-bono week in September, I'm adding free "classes" so that I can reach more people this year. On Tuesday 9/20, there will be a 4-hour class where people can overcome their phobia(s) in one shot. We will be using the most evidence-based method for phobias which is exposure. Whether you are scared of outdoor spaces, elevators, dogs, germs, or anything else that we can round up, you will have the opportunity to face your fear and overcome it that day with others in the same boat. We will meet at the Stanford Shopping Center at 1PM right outside the Starbucks, anyone is welcome aged 14 to 114. The "payment" for the class is that you be on time, be willing to face your fear on that day, and commit to doing therapy homework for several weeks to solidify the gains achieved. No financial compensation will be asked for or accepted, this is a gift.

For those with social anxiety, we will have a whole day devoted just for you. Same ages and location, this will occur on Thursday 9/22 from 10AM-Noon and resume 1PM-5PM. I will teach you the basics of social anxiety and how to move from being scared of parties, dances, and networking events to how to not only get through them while being authentic and genuine, but ideally how to even enjoy these interactions! This is also a gift.

I look forward to seeing some of you at either or both of these classes!

Note: Attending either or both of these classes does not enter us into a doctor-patient relationship. Pretend I were teaching you how to make balloon hats or juggle, this stuff is just more practical. :)