Finding Humans Less Scary

Hello. Welcome! This webpage is a work in progress. Please check back frequently. For now, the key things to keep in mind are that Michael Luo and I (and some others) will be offering an adventurous weekend on January 21-22, 2023 in downtown Palo Alto. If you suffer from social anxiety and/or would like to be less shy and you are willing to face your fears, this weekend is for you! Although this will not be "therapy" per se, we will teach you a number of strategies that will allow you to meet new people, carry on a conversation, feel less self-conscious, and develop more authentic and intimate relationships with others.

We will be taking up to 100 humans in the community, first-come first-served, and some priority will be given to those with few financial resources. Please do not schedule anything else for those two days. The "price" will be donating at least $20 to a charity that we will list, registering with us, and being willing to show up and be your authentic and brave self. More details to follow soon!

If you are interested, please send an email to "" with your full name, age, and cell phone number. Please note that sending this email will not be sufficient to reserve your spot for the weekend. However, it will allow us to send you the waiver and begin the process that will get you registered. We have never done this before (at this scale) but we think this will be fun, exciting, and hopefully very rewarding for those who come and join us!