Medication Refills

Greetings. This section of the website will be irrelevant to most of you. If you or your child are on medication, the appropriate place to discuss this and to get a prescription is during a face-to-face appointment with me. It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with me at least once per month for you/your child, to keep that appointment, and to talk with me during that visit if medication is appropriate.

In the unusual case that your/your child's prescription was lost/stolen, or you had an emergency that prevented you from coming to the appointment, then the "Online Medication Refill" request may be appropriate. In that case, please go to the "Scheduling an Appointment" section of this website, choose "Online Medication Refill," book an appointment for ANY DAY OR TIME, then call or text me to let me know this was completed, and a prescription will be sent in for you within 24 hours of your paying for the refill request. The only EXCEPTION to the above paragraph is if you have received an email from me recently indicating that I am out of the country or off the grid from technology and that someone is covering for me, instead of doing any of the above, please contact the covering psychiatrist to discuss how to get an emergency refill.

Again, this should be used rarely and is not an appropriate substitute for regular appointments. Please also note that this is not booking any face-to-face time. This fee pays for my time in reading the request, sending in the prescription, then cancelling the appointment to free up the time, and documenting this Rx in your/your child's chart, which all told usually takes about 10-20 minutes.