Initial Sessions

Note: Please do not book any appointments until we have spoken briefly and confirmed that we are a good fit for an Intake. Thank you.

For Adult patients paying for their own sessions and not living with their parents:

I do a two hour initial Intake session. This can be scheduled an hour each on two separate days or in one session.

For Children, Teens and Adult patients living at home & those whose parents are paying for treatment:

I use a four hour (total, not on the same day) inital Intake process. The reason I generally do a four hour Intake process is that it allows me to get to know your family better and do a thorough evaluation before making any diagnoses or treatment recommendations. During that time, I will be a consultant to your family and we will not yet be in a doctor-patient relationship. If, at the end of the Intake process, we feel it is a good fit, and you would like to continue working with me, then your child will be an “established patient” and we will begin treatment together.

Please note that I almost never prescribe medication on the first visit, even if your child has been on medication already. There are several reasons for this but the most important is that I like to do a thorough evaluation and come to my own diagnoses before considering medication for any child. If I think medication may be useful to consider, we can discuss at the Wrap-Up session the advantages and disadvantages of this option, as well as other important treatment components such as therapy and exercise.

Hour One: child/teen alone

Hour Two: BOTH parents/guardians together

Hour Three: child/teen alone again (on a separate day from Hour One)

Hour Four: Wrap-Up session with BOTH parents and child

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to call me at 650.918.6789 or email me at If you have any technical questions about setting up the appointment, please feel free to call or text me.

I look forward to meeting your family and serving you.


Jacob Towery, MD