Success Stories

The following are some Testimonials from former clients.  Name and age have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

You probably know the proverb: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." Jacob is not only an excellent therapist; he is an outstanding teacher. After only a few months of focused therapeutic work with him, I was happier and more fulfilled than I had ever been in my life - but more importantly, I have been able to successfully navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life since my therapy ended, thanks to the techniques and perspective that he imparted to me. I will always be deeply grateful for his guidance, talent, and compassion. I highly recommend him as a clinician.
  -- Amy, 41

I have been seeing Dr. Towery for over a year and with his help, I have completely changed my life and way of thinking. With his help, I have been able to communicate with others, he helped me find my true self and motivated me to pursue my dreams even when I was scared. Dr Towery has helped me overcome many obstacles and change my way of thinking. I would highly recommend Dr. Towery to anyone who is ready for a change and to overcome obstacles they may have. I would not have the relationships or be in the same position I am in today without Dr. Towery’s help.
  --Chris, 24

As a mother of a teen who was in treatment with Dr. Towery, we are forever grateful. He has an authentic and genuine manner that allows for a teen to engage in therapy especially when they are at their lowest point. He connects in a caring manner but sets limits while modeling appropriate ways to deal with feelings and thoughts. His approach is thoughtful and requires everyone involved to be an active participant in the treatment process. While we may have been one of the few who had a teen at such a low point we found his approach, methodology and tools that we all walked away with invaluable. For us, for our daughter, there is no one else I would enlist for help in treatment.
  --Susan, mother

Dr. Towery is both an expert in his field and a humanizing influence. He treads the fine line between compassion and pity with ease and makes seemingly insurmountable problems suddenly appear trivial. All the while, he teaches effective techniques for dealing with whatever issues may arise. The results are beyond what I thought I could hope for: a year ago, I was having enough trouble with depression and anxiety that it was unreasonably hard to function; today, I am thriving as a first-year student in college.
  --Mark, 18

Dr. Towery was extremely skilled in treating our 16 year old daughter, who he diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder that presented itself suddenly. What was most helpful to me was his reassurance that GAD is treatable and gave me hope that she would one day function completely normally. It's been three years since the onset of her GAD, and she has used, and is still using, the tools that Dr. Towery gave her to not only cope with, but to overcome anxiety during difficult times. She's off to college and doing beautifully in every area of her life, thanks to Dr. Towery's help!
  --Angela, mother

I am so appreciative of Jacob’s precise, yet gentle, identification of the roots of the issues, problems or disagreements that we brought to him. Even my teenager, who had good reason not to like therapists, thought Jacob was great from our very first session.
Jacob is a master therapist and human relations expert. I am grateful to him in every session, knowing that he gives us the highest level of his expertise and willingness to help. It’s as if he has a kind of intuitive monitor in his head that says, “What is the very best use of my ability in this moment?” And then that’s what he gives you.
Having won over my teenage son at our very first meeting, Jacob later was able to help dissolve a long-held resentment within my son towards me. I had tried, and been unsuccessful. Jacob artfully crafted examples that helped turn on a light bulb in my son’s mind, forever freeing us both from the separation created by that misperception.
  --Sarah, mother