Prospective Patients

Greetings.  If you are reading this, you are probably a teenager or adult seeking treatment for yourself or a parent looking for treatment for your child.  Welcome.  In either case, please take a few minutes right now to visit other sections of the site to familiarize yourself with some basics about me and my practice, particularly the sections on Policies, Initial Sessions, and Recovery.  Then, come back to this section.  I noticed that I used to spend a lot of time answering questions that were readily available in those three sections so if you and your child are able to read those three before calling, it's greatly appreciated.

Welcome back.  I created this section because I noticed that people understandably have no idea what kinds of information I might want to know in evaluating whether we might be a good fit.  There was a lot of phone tag and days to weeks sometimes went by when headaches could have potentially been avoided.  So, if you or your child are thinking about becoming a new patient, please leave me one or two voicemails at 650-918-6789 with the following information:

What is your cell phone number?

How old is your child? (Note: If you are a teenager or adult calling for treatment for yourself, then everywhere that it says "your child" just give your own information)

What is their name and gender?

Who referred you?

Where does your child live?

Are you looking for therapy, medications, both, unsure, or something else?

What diagnoses has your child been given?

If your child is currently on psychiatric medication, or has been, what medicines and doses?

How much are alcohol/recreational drugs/prescription drugs part of the picture?

Any suicide attempts or cutting?

How interested or not interested is your child in getting treatment in general?  Therapy?

In the event that the child is under 18 and the parents are divorced, does the other parent have any legal or physical custody?  If so, how open or not open is that parent to coming in during the assessment and potentially being involved in treatment?

What's the gist of what's been going on?

The following questions should be answered directly by the person seeking treatment and NOT by the parent and I will respond AFTER I have heard from the potential client via voicemail.  Ideally, please let the person leaving the answers to the questions below do so in private so that I am more likely to get honest answers.  Thank you!

What is your full name?

Did you read the section of the website on Recovery?  If not, go back and read this now please.

How interested or not interested are you in getting treatment?

If your parents were completely neutral about you seeing me and they put zero pressure on you to see anyone for treatment, would you still want to meet with me?

Has there been a time in your life when you put several hours per week into learning something new such as a sport, a martial art, or a musical instrument?  What was the longest that you participated for?  When was this?  How consistently or inconsistently did you put in effort?

Are you willing to do therapy homework and exercise even when you don't feel like it or are you looking for a treatment that wouldn't require these things?

Thank you for your time in answering these many questions.  In the event that I don't have openings or wouldn't have the skills to help you/your family, then I should have enough information to tell you some of the best providers in this area who might be able to help you more.  I look forward to hearing from you.